Eating Clean & Staying Strong in the Hour of Doom (HOD)

Posted on Mar 19, 2015

The “Hour of Doom” (HOD) is when you’re trying to #EatClean but you’re starving and don’t have access to optimal fuel in the immediate future. Here’s a way to get a quick clean fix. 

  • Water: It will help with satiety (the feeling of “fullness”) for about 15min.  Plus, you’re probably somewhat dehydrated anyway. #PeeCheck
  • Gum: The mastication will help for a few minutes and might give your mind something else to focus on for the moment. Plus fresh breath is never a weakness.
  • High Protein, Fat, or Fiber: Seek these key macro nutrients in this particular order. All three will actually provide satiety instead of the brief mirage that comes from water and high-glycemic carbs (bran muffins, bread, etc..). To expound on carbs, fruit is high-glycemic however it’s got that fiber. #KeepItMovin   I’ll also comment on juices. Whole juice is great as long as the maximum palatable/reasonable amount of fiber (skin, seeds, stems, etc…) is included.

It’s always best to plan in advance (trail mix, nuts, jerky, protein shake, breakfast bar, etc.) however the above quick fixes will help you avoid a dirty bulk during the HOD. Additionally, always pack an apple or similar fruit.  They’re durable, have a great shelf/bag life, and if you’re not hungry enough for an apple, you’re not hungry.  #WeightManagement  

Author: FIT FACE FELLOW John Martin is a Well-Being & Engagement Strategist, and Founder / Co-Owner of The Lyfe Group.