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Our Story

After going out for a few beers Jordan decided to crash at his buddy's apartment for the night. The next morning he started to make tea by microwaving water, when his friend, who had testicular cancer when he was 21 years old, said, "What are you doing?! Don't use the microwave. Don't you know that's bad for you?!"

His friend was understandably hyper-aware of anything potentially hazardous to his health. So Jordan scratched the tea idea and instead went to take a shower, where he saw nothing but cheap, synthetic body cleansers and face cleansers filled with harmful chemicals.

When done with the shower he said to his buddy, "You're going to get on my case for using the microwave while you’re putting all of this garbage onto your skin?!" His friend had a simple reply: "What am I supposed to use?"

After searching a few months for skin care products that his friend should and would use, and finding nothing, the mission was set: To create the most advanced skincare on the planet for the active and aware man.

From there, it's taken three years of consulting with biochemists, herbalists, labs, dermatologists, botanists and more to create safe, superior skincare products formulated with the most advanced and effective ingredients.

"I'm really glad you're here. It means that you want to avoid putting harmful chemicals on your porous skin and you also want your face to look the best it ever has…that's a good combination. We put A LOT of time and research into these products to make sure you have the absolute best and most effective ingredients on the planet and I’m excited to share it with you. These products will probably act and feel different than what you're used to, so be prepared for a journey. And also be on the lookout for new products we're working on."

- Fit Face Founder, Jordan Lindsey