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CONFIDENCE: Better looking face. Healthier Ingredients. Lower price.

You’re not artificial, and your skin care line shouldn’t be either. Fit Face products will never contain artificial colors or fragrances…ever.

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Complete skin care system formulated and designed for men that demand exceptional performance and care about total body health. We’ve used natural and organic ingredients along with biochemistry to create a sequence of products that will revolutionize your approach to your face. Gone are the days of men accepting dirty chemicals, harmful soaps, and gimmick ingredients as their only option. With this skin care package the active and aware man can be confident he’s getting a stronger and more youthful looking face, healthy ingredients, and a fair price.
Cleanse: Our Advanced Maintenance uses a perfect balance of seaweed derived algae, filtered aloe vera, and orange essential oil to remove unwanted oil and grime from your face. It’s not made with any surfactants ("soaps") that strip your skin of its needed natural elements. Can be used as shave cream. Use daily.

Moisturize: Our Advanced Nutrition repairs, nourishes, and strengthens your face using powerful antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids. Key ingredients include bioferment from fermented sea kelp, hyaluronan, astaxanthin, jojoba, avocado oil, and pomegranate seed oil. Use daily.

SPF 30: It provides full spectrum UVA & UVB protection without the use of oxybenzone. Our Advanced Protection uses patented microfine zinc oxide instead of oxybenzone to provide full spectrum UVA/UBA sun protection. It’s specially formulated for oil free nourishment and skin revitalization for your face using natural ingredients, including gingko biloba extract, ginseng extract, licorice extract, and vitamin E. Use when exposed to sun.

Soothe: Our Advanced Recovery post shave/sun serum uses highly effective ingredients that alleviate inflammation and provide deep moisturization for the skin, and it uses only those ingredients – no unnecessary fluff, no drying alcohol, no artificial fragrance, and definitely nothing that makes your face tingle just to trick you into thinking it’s doing something special. It’s the perfect answer for reducing razor burn and irritation after shaving and reducing irritation and drying after a day in the sun. Use when needed.

Organize: Your Total Package includes a custom wood caddy that is destined to transform your bathroom into a handsome space. Our caddy is cut from reclaimed wood (usually black walnut or hickory) and is made by our expert wood designer in Sacramento, CA.